Wednesday, June 29, 2005

On Marriage

This is the Squirrels' fourteenth wedding anniversary. The irony of celebrating this on this particular day in Canada is not lost on Mama Squirrel. The newspapers are full of people of various stripes celebrating or worrying according to their different viewpoints. "The word husband used to mean someone who herds cows," whines one columnist. "I am not a cow."

Mama Squirrel prefers the imagery of Jean Richards' picture book God's Gift (a creation story):
God continued making creatures, some large, some small, some round, some tall. Finally He asked Man, "Which of these creatures wil be your partner?"

"They're all splendid creatures," said Man sadly, "but not one of them is right for me. I want someone who is almost like me but just different enough."

Happy anniversary, Mr. Fixit.


Tim's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! That was a nice quote. :)

Donna-Jean said...

Happy Anniversary! It's *your* day, no matter what the newspapers say! :-)

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Happy Anniversary to a very deserving couple!
I always thought husband meant 'house-man,' and was a fitting mate for the 'house-wife.'

coffeemamma said...

Happy belated anniversary!

tootlepip said...

Happy belated Anniversary!

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