Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Cool Thing On the Computer, by Ponytails

Here is the picture.
My dad told me how to get onto this cool painting program on the computer. It's called Paint. I made this really awesome winter scene with snow falling. For the snow I used a spray paint button. And I made it white. I made a snowman in the picture. I used a paint brush tool to make some eyes, and I figured out something. Shiny buttons in cartoons usually have this white stripe on one of the sides of them. So I used another tool to make a white stripe across the sides of the buttons and the eyes on the snowman. It's called highlighting. The other side, not the winter side, is a girl sitting on a picnic table, probably me or The Apprentice, she is painting her fingernails and wearing a leather coat.



tootlepip said...

Very nice job, Ponytails!

TopDaz said...

Lovely picture, must have taken ages!

Tim's Mom said...

Nice picture, Paint isn't always easy to get the details the way you want them, but it looks like you figured out how to make it cooperate!

coffeemamma said...

Great job, Ponytails! I love how much detail you put into your painting!

Firefly said...

I bet Ponytails is great with an Etcha-Sketch. I never could master that or Paint. Very nice!

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