Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pooh Bear fans need to speak out

Mrs. Happy Housewife posted here about the latest politically-correct insanity to hit childrens' television. Go laugh and get a little bit worried at the same time. (Note to Mrs. Happy Housewife: if we should be giving Prozac to Eeyore, shouldn't we load Tigger up on Ritalin as well? Oops, I see you did suggest that.)

Funniest quote from the USA Today article that inspired Mrs. Happy Housewife:
The gamble could sweeten the pot of a company that already brings in $1 billion annually from Pooh merchandise, "more than all their core characters combined," says Thomas Ranese of marketing consultants Interbrand. "Pooh appears to be a robust brand that can handle expansion."
Pooh knows all about sweetening the pot, as well as expansion and its consequences.
So he started to climb out of the hole. He pulled with his front paws, and pushed with his back paws, and in a little while his nose was in the open again ... and then his ears ... and then his front paws ... and then his shoulders ... and then-'Oh, help!' said Pooh, 'I'd better go back,' 'Oh bother!' said Pooh, 'I shall have to go on.' 'I can't do either!' said Pooh, 'Oh help and bother!' ...

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Dominion Family said...

I feel sick.

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