Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wisdom from Sallie

Yesterday Mr. Fixit and I drove a small trunkload of "don't-need-it's" to the thrift shop, and it seemed half the town was doing the same thing. The parking lot was crazy, stuff was piled up waist-high beside the doors, and people were already picking through the boxes (in spite of the bone-chilling drizzle).

Read that last bit again. People were picking through the boxes. Now, not only is that dishonest and immoral (are they going to go into the store and offer to pay for anything they find?), it's also dumb. I'll qualify my response here: I'm a yard saler, I love rummage sales, and I shop at that for-profit thrift shop too (when it's not too expensive--see a previous post about that). But risking pneumonia to go through other peoples' post-holiday discards when you've just unloaded a whole minivan full of your own junk?

There are limits.

Sallie at Two Talent Living posted "Life is too short for ugly stuff" back last June, but it's just as appropriate for New Year's. Please read it, and then go toss something ugly and dig out something beautiful.

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Ann V. said...

Um...Mama Squirrel? I was just going to head to that exact same thrift store to look for pants for the kids...and drop off my own couple of boxes. Isn't there something very *wrong* and crazy with this world? I am reading "Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger." And I want to set limits and while I thought we lived out our faith in practical ways, I want to embrace a more radical way of living that is more WWJD.
Thank you, Mama Squirrel...I always appreciate the TreeHouse perspective.

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