Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ten-year-old you

This isn't my original idea for a meme; I saw a website where people introduced their "ten-year-old selves" to each other, and it was very funny (and sometimes sad).

So I've been thinking about this one for the past couple of weeks and dredging down deep for some memories of THAT YEAR. Here's my attempt to remember ten years old; what do you come up with?

I'm ten years old and my sister is turning eight. She has long braids like her Heather Hobbie rag doll. I have glasses and hair that doesn't do much unless my mom uses the curling iron on it, and that lasts for about ten minutes.

We live in a semi-detached house next to a corner store (where we spend all our money on Bottle Caps, wax lips and Wacky Packs); we've been living there for about a year and we'll move out just after I turn 11. Our church (where we go to Brownies) is across the road from the store and our school is a few blocks away. If we're getting takeout food, it's usually Kentucky Fried Chicken or maybe fish and chips; there's a Mother's Pizza on the highway, but you have to line up forever to get in. Sometimes we go to the Ponderosa for burgers.

Our favourite TV shows are Wonder Woman and Welcome Back Kotter (and The Flintstones at lunchtime). I have a couple of albums that I think are very cool: John Travolta's solo album and the Captain and Tennille's Song of Joy. (Of course I'm playing them on my plastic record player...) We also play Clue, make pictures on our Twirl-O-Paint, ride our bikes (my sister's has a banana seat), and play with our new puppy. And play Barbies.

The Big Deal that year is the Montreal Olympics. At school we do a whole unit on the Olympics and divide up into countries for sports day. Our school is very big on units, Environmental Studies, learning centres, listening centres, and other 1970's stuff like that. And many, many coloured dittoes. We also have a Betamax VCR at school, but only the librarian knows how to use it. I hate gym class (we have to do the Canada Fitness Awards and that means chinups and an awful lot of running around the soccer field).

The worst thing about being ten is that I keep breaking things, losing things, and getting in trouble. I seem to have a knack for knocking things over.

The best thing that happens to us during the year I'm ten is our big family trip to Disney World in our green Nova, the first time I've been to the United States. It's the American Bicentennial and we get souvenirs and colouring books and postcards everywhere we stop: Mammoth Caves, Jellystone Park, Stone Mountain, and the White House (on our way back up). We pose for pictures at Disney World wearing matching Fonzie t-shirts.

There, that's my ten-year-old life. What was yours like?


Donna-Jean said...

I'll have to think on that. But what strikes me is that my youngest turns ten in a couple of weeks. What will she remember of her tenth year? How I wish I could choose which memories she'll keep, which ones she'll forget - or won't have to begin with! Your post made me think of keeping focus on making good memories, where I can! Here's to a happy 10th this year for her! :-)

athenainaminivan said...

Hmm-what an interesting thing to ponder. Knee socks, pet rocks, my first year of sleep over camp. I am going to think about this and then try to write about it.

Firefly said...

I'm afraid I will end up writing a novel, but I will try to keep it more in the order of a short story. I do so ramble on. I'll get to this sometime this coming week. Thanks for the blogging inspiration. :)

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