Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Zzzzz and other things, by Ponytails

Me and my mom read about electromagnets in a book we were reading for school. And me and my dad made an electromagnet, and I had the POWER!!! I felt it ZZZZ, and I heard it ZZZZ! And it can lift up really heavy things. First you get a big nail, a really long one. And you wrap some yellow and blue wire around it, and keep pushing it down until it's all covered. Then you put tape at both ends. And then you hook up a power supply to it, and you try to pick up bolts or paper clips or tacks.

And I know how to make another kind--I can make an electromagnet out of a screwdriver. First you take a speaker from a transistor radio, and you rub the speaker against the screwdriver's silver part, and you get an electromagnet for a little while.

We went skating today. I can skate really well. I have hockey skates.

Crayons has bobskates. The Apprentice has hockey skates. Mama Squirrel used to have figure skates and now they fit The Apprentice. Mr. Fixit has hockey skates.

I have finished Pippi Longstocking, and now I'm going to start Pippi Goes On Board.

Me and the Apprentice were playing a game. It's called Funny Avatar...actually it's not called anything. It's where I stay on Dewey's Treehouse on this computer, and The Apprentice stays on her avatar-changing thing on the laptop. And she keeps changing it! For instance, I see her with green spiky hair. Then I see her with tattoos and ugly hair. Then I see her dressed up for Chinese New Year with a panda bear next to her. Then I see one I made. What do you think of the one she has now? I wish I had an avatar.boohoo



Ponytails said...
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Ponytails said...

I love What ever it is Magnets.

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