Monday, June 05, 2006

Blogspotting (and poetry)

Meredith at Like Merchant Ships has been busy posting before-and-after pictures of her house, and tips on organizing. Some people caulk the sink just before a baby arrives, some start waxing the floors...some blog. Best wishes to the Merchant Ships family. [Update: Baby's here! ]

Mother Hen has written her version of the "Where I'm From" poem. Ann at Holy Experience posted her "Where I'm From" awhile ago too. I'm with Mother Hen--choosing those images is more difficult than you'd think. (I know, I tried!) Muse on their poems and maybe you'll want to try your own version.

Another beautiful poem is included in Kim Anderson's post Weaving. It's about moms, daughters, spinning wheels, and graduation shawls.

And at the Dominion Family blog, the whole month of June is poetry month. Here's are some they'ved posted to begin with, on "Opportunity." And check back for more.


Anonymous said...

Hello--Thanks for visiting my blog and the posting such kind words about my poem. Truly it was Ann V. at Holy Experience who inspired me. Poetry is not easy for me...especially such a personal poem as that was.

--Mother Hen

Meredith said...

Appreciate the link! You got me on the pre-baby blogging! Even as I type I am checking my watch to see how much more time I have at the computer before heading to the hospital.

Mama Squirrel said...

Oh, my goodness. Prayers and good thoughts aimed in your direction.