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Javamom's Meme

Javamom invited me to play along with her meme, and since this one doesn't have 40 questions I managed to finish it, more or less.

Where were you, what were you doing...

20 Years Ago: June 2 1986

1. I was living in a cockroachy summer sublet on Spadina Avenue in Toronto, after my first year of university. My parents were planning a trip to England in July for Prince Andrew's wedding. (No, they weren't invited, but they got to stand outside and cheer.)
2. I was about to start a summer job running kids' music programs in the Toronto library system.

15 years ago: June 2 1991

1. That's easy: I was getting ready for our wedding at the end of the month, and we had our first shower right about then.
2. I was working full time in a university office.
3. I was signed up to take a 3-week crash credit right after we came back from our honeymoon, so I could graduate. (And I did. The course was called Marriage and the Family, which seemed appropriate.)

10 Years Ago: June 2 1996

1. We had only one squirreling, who was about to have her fourth birthday and who had just had her one-and-only-ever-real-costumes-required ballet recital. (The tutu still gets worn for dressup--not by the Apprentice, though.)

5 Years Ago June 2 2001

1. We had just had our third squirreling, and we were planning The Apprentice's hat-decorating birthday party on the patio.

3 Years Ago June 2 2003

1. The Ambleside Advisory was working overtime trying to finish Year 9.
2. The elderly next-door neighbour kept asking me to come over and cut more of his rhubarb. We ate more rhubarb than we knew what to do with that year.

1 Year Ago June 2 2005

1. "Mama Squirrel has discovered this scientific truth: The fastest way to get young squirrels interested in reading is to start packing or opening boxes intended for a homeschoolers' book sale."
2. We were looking for rhubarb since the elderly neighbour was gone and the new people had taken his plants out. We found two little plants that stayed puny all summer, so we ate no rhubarb at all.
3. Crayons was just starting to learn to read.
4. We were planning The Apprentice's Grade 8 graduation celebration.

So Far This Year

1. We've been nest-hunting but haven't found anything.
2. We've read all the Narnia books except The Last Battle; Ponytails isn't sure she wants me to read it because then we'd be done.
3. Our garden is coming up and the rhubarb is recovering from my earlier over-enthusiasm.


1. Mr. Fixit and our neighbour (not the rhubarb one) started a petition to keep a sidewalk from being built in front of our houses. We like sidewalks fine, but this one is going to be too close to the busy road, and it means that some good trees have to come down.
2. Ponytails and I read about Governor Frontenac and watched his Canadian Heritage Minute online. (Click on Governor Frontenac on the sidebar.)


1. We finished off the school week, and now I have to try to figure out how we're going to fit what we haven't finished into the next three weeks before exams. Ponytails and I read about Marconi and watched his Canadian Heritage Minute (those are handy!). The Apprentice and I read about irredentism (in Whatever Happened to Justice). (The Apprentice says you can remember the word "irridentist" by thinking about an eerie dentist.) Mr. Fixit brought subs for lunch and took the older two Squirrelings back to work with him so that they could go to the library. Crayons helped me vacuum the downstairs room where the books are. It's very muggy and feels like it might storm again.


1. Yard sale and grocery day.
2. The Apprentice is going to Canada's Wonderland with a church group. (She won a free admission pass.)

Next Week

1. We're going to the African Lion Safari with our homeschool group. We haven't been there for about seven years, and they're supposed to have some new elephants.

In the Next Year

1. ???

In the Next Minute

1. I'm going to take Crayons upstairs for a snack.

Who to invite next? How about Elinor Dashwood and Tim's Mom? (Updated to fix the link to Tim's Mom's blog.)

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