Friday, June 23, 2006

A mama t-shirt

Male squirrels, avert your eyes.

While checking in on the Life in a Shoe blog (no, the baby still hasn't come!), I saw this ad that made me laugh.

Hang in there, Kim.


Kim C. said...

My kiddos can't decide if the ad is hilarious or scandalous. I guess that means it's both?
It always makes me smile, but hubby can't wait for the ad to expire.

Scott W. Somerville said...

I averted my eyes... but I just found pictures of ME in boxer shorts in cyberspace. Imagine my embarassement!

(Of course--they're DISCREET pictures, and it's all part of my son's wedding, so who am I to complain?)

Mama Squirrel said...

Welcome, and I hope you can get over your embarrassment.

Dawn ; ) said...

Mama Squirrel,
I love the shirt ~ its totally scandalous which makes it all the better.

Thx for sharing. ;D I'll stop by again soon to check in on the Finishings of the Treehouse ~ I canceled the rest of school for a much needed break. LOL

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