Sunday, July 23, 2006

Awakening to books

Found through the Carnival of Childrens' Literature: Carrie at Mommy Brain tells about her daughter's excitement over The Magician's Nephew in For the Love of Books. Karen Edmisten tells what happens If You Give a Girl Some Lunch (hint: she's going to want a book to go with it). And Anne Boles Levy at Book Buds worries about Value Added books (the kind that come with gimmicks and geegaws attached). As she says, after packing a bunch of these books:
This is too much organizing for a mortal Mom. I need a spa treatment. I need it now.

I need to curl up with a good book, one whose charms are in its pages and not dangling from its spine. The hussies.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by the carnival. Anne's "Value Added" article is a good one!!

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