Monday, July 24, 2006

If your brain needs some exercise...

Dr. Gene Edward Veith muses today on metanarratives and postmodernism in Apologetics to postmodernists.
Metanarratives are inevitable, as postmodernists admit, but here is one that is profoundly different from all the rest and that avoids the oppressive, constructed character of them all. The misuse of power that the postmodernists document is nothing more than a sign of sin and of our need for redemption, which is exactly what the Christian narrative provides.

What do you think of this argument? I'll say what I think tomorrow. [That's still Dr. Veith, not Mama Squirrel.]
Stay tuned. [Update: Here's the sequel.]

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Anonymous said...

Mama Squirrel--so glad you stopped by...I am so excited to be using Ann's geography...we were part of the Beta test and loved it is so much better now!! I haven't been here in a while as the newest chick is keeping us hopping...she just isn't as easy going as the others were at this age...however, everyday we see more and more of her cheerful personality shining through...I'm trying to get back in the groove of things and blog more (although that has some problems as well...did you see my post about websleuths?) Anyways--it was great catching up on what you're doing...God Bless....MotherHen

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