Monday, July 03, 2006

Wandering among the memories

We had a double chance to "wander among the memories" on Canada Day (that was Saturday): we drove to the town where Mama Squirrel grew up, past the school, the candy store, the fountain,and four or five of the houses she once lived in--mostly so that the Squirrelings could have a visual tour of Mama Squirrel's past, but also because Mama Squirrel was feeling a little homesick. And then we visited an antique mall there--a conglomeration of Holly Hobbie dolls, carved dressers, doilies, Matchbox cars, 1920's arithmetic books, Pez dispensers, and peanut butter cans. Mostly we just browsed...Mama Squirrel found a poetry book, Mr. Fixit bought a couple of records, and The Apprentice brought home a 1963 black Barbie and Midge case, just because it was so cool. She'll probably post a photo of it if you ask her nicely.

Some of the "antiques" in these places really make you laugh. Mama Squirrel recognized a Barbie Country Camper, a Husky Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang car, and a couple of her school readers from the 1970's. Does that make Mama Squirrel an antique too?

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Krakovianka said...

We're the same WAY!

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