Saturday, August 19, 2006

Am I totally missing something?

We watched Doctor Who episode "Age of Steel" this afternoon. And reflecting back on it, it strikes me as very odd.

Mickey is typing in code, to a computer, trying to hack into the system. HOW COME EVERYONE WHO DOES THIS ON A TV SHOW KNOWS HOW TO TOUCH-TYPE AND KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT TO TYPE, PLUS THEY TYPE AT LIKE 200 WPM? You know exactly what I mean. He's just sitting there, fingers moving over the keyboard, (like lightning), no mouse, staring at the screen. You can't see what he's typing, and neither can he. The guy with him, Jake, is identical in the manner of computer accessing (but Mickey's better). How is it possible that every computer on every show is possible to hack into by typing stuff?

Where my daddy squirrel works, password protecting files, changing passwords, et cetera, is not allowed. So if someone does that (not too often), he has to get in somehow. He's told me how he did it, and it's not as easy as TV makes it out to be. I mean, it's easy (most of the time), but it's not fast. You have to use some sort of cracker, and it takes a looonnnggg time. And I know for a fact that HE DID NOT SIT THERE AND TYPE RANDOM CHARACTERS INTO A BLANK SCREEN.

~♥~the apprentice~♥~


Marsha said...

Hi Apprentice,

I always read your blogs. I think it is a good sign that you are watching a show & separating fiction from reality.

The Apprentice said...

Well, cybermen, TARDISes, and people from Galifrey don't exactly qualify as reality...


Thanks for commenting.

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