Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Biscuit-Tin Family (and runaway pigs)

Yesterday we went to the library to pick up the book bags that Ponytails and Crayons earned by reading a pile of books over the summer. We also took out a few books (The Great Pig Search is definitely one of the funniest picture books we've had out in awhile), and I found a couple of interesting discards. One of them is The Biscuit-Tin Family, by Barbara Ker Wilson, about an English family that moves to Australia to look for gold. It looks pretty good, but I've never seen it before and there's not much online about it except for a few used-book listings. Any great reviews?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED this book as a child! Though it has a different title here, I'll have to search it out as I don't remember. Worth pre-reading though, because I haven't read it as an adult and sometimes the books I liked as a child I dislike for various reasons now.

I was planning on having my children read this but wonder if it is too girly for my boys.

PS I went to read an adult book by Barbara ker Wilson (about Jane Austen) because of the good memories I had of her books as a child. (THere is another one, set in England about a girl who becomes estranged from her family as she seeks to become one of England's first female doctors...)

I was horrified at the completely unnecessary sex (in a Jane Austen based book!).

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