Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Geography and Travel for Ponytails and Crayons

What we're reading for Geography: A Child's Geography. (That was easy.)

During our readaloud times, I want to read some books about different places as well, and we're going to start with Crystal Mountain, by Belle Dorman Rugh. (I think the lone customer review on Amazon describes the book pretty well.) It's a sort-of true story about some (real) American children growing up in Lebanon, a number of years ago. (Note for anyone who's familiar with the book: while I was searching online for the author's name, I saw the obituary for one of her brothers (one of the boys in the story). Just noting that out of interest.)

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Marsha said...

Anne I'm really enjoying these curriculum posts. Have you read Homesick: my own story by Jean Fritz? My kids loved it. Also they loved The Rani Adventures starting with "It's a Jungle out there" by Ron Snell. Both of these would fit into the travel genre. And reviews are available on amazon.

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