Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Of book covers

American kids may know beginning-of-school book covering as a time-honoured ritual, but, at least when I was growing up, we never had to cover anything. (Maybe because we didn't take textbooks home much until high school?) Anyway, Javamom (a.k.a. the Vintage Bookbinder) would laugh at the primitiveness of this, but I needed to cover a copy of Churchill's The Age of Revolution and had to find instructions. Not for durability, but because our paperback copy had a nasty photograph on the cover.

So, Martha Stewart to the rescue. A piece of Amazing Animal Paper later (see the peacock feathers on the top?), and we're done.


Ann V. said...

Excellent link to the Martha Stewart book covers. This family sends HEARTY thanks!

Ann V.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I have a series of the John Lord Beacon Lights of HIstory books, only mine spent many years at my great-grandparents' house near coal mines and steel mills and they are gritty. It's embedded in the covers. I made bookcovers out of brown paper grocery bags.=)

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