Tuesday, October 10, 2006

After Thanksgiving

Things we did over Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Crayons lost her first tooth, and she has another one ready to go (both middle bottom). If I could post a photo of her mouth (I can't while we're on dialup), I would, because it's very cute.

2. The Squirrelings and Mr. Fixit went for a bike ride to find horse chestnuts, brought them back, drilled holes in them, and put them onto old shoe laces for a chestnut fight. (You don't hit each other, just someone else's chestnut.)

3. We went to the Oktoberfest parade. It was about the warmest it's ever been for this parade--I guess that's not so good for sales of hot chocolate, but it did mean lots of people came out to watch! There were bands from as far away as New York State. The Apprentice says she thinks some of the floats are getting just too tired (how many years can you get excited over the fire department's smoking house? ;-)), and we all think the Shriners need to learn some new tunes, but overall it was a very good parade.

4. We ate lots. Enough said.

5. We also opened a can full of slips of paper of things we're thankful for. All that Crayons had managed to write (on about a dozen slips of paper) was IGOOD. When asked, she wasn't sure what it meant. But it did add some levity to the evening.

6. We watched the Masterpiece Theatre DVD of Pollyanna on Sunday--NOT the Hayley Mills version (blech). But this one was fairly watchable.

7. And we watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving last night to end off with.

8. All in all, it was a good weekend.


athenainaminivan said...

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the north.

coffeemamma said...

Can't wait to see the gap-toothed smile ;-)

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