Friday, October 27, 2006

Fabulous Friends Friday

I keep seeing these different weekly themes on peoples' blogs: things like "Use-it-up Mondays" and "Great Idea Wednesdays." Today I followed a link back to a "Fabulous Friends Friday", and look at that--we're one of the Friends.

("You like me! You really like me!")

So I thought I would extend the idea by highlighting a few of the Treehouse friends. But oh dear--this is like inviting just six third grade classmates to your birthday party--then it's seven, then eight, and somebody's going to get left out no matter what.

Well, here we go anyway.

Donna-Jean at Liberty and Lily: hosts fantastic ladies' events at her church, helped collect boxfuls of Christmas gifts for Katrina victims, and is the first Ambleside Advisory mamma to be a mother-in-law! (She also does a great Charlotte Mason portrayal.)

My chat-night friend Tootle. Well, that is until Yahoo ended java-based chats, so now we're limited mostly to blogging back and forth. Check out the Mustang restoration photos.

Another chat-night friend, Javamom at Take Time to Smell the Coffee. Javamom is a bookbinder, a Spanish teacher, and a traveller; but I'm having trouble getting her page to load tonight so I can't add links yet.

And then there are Marsha, Firefly and School Marm. To all the Friday Friends and those I didn't get to mention: your friendship, thoughts and advice help make the blogworld a brighter place.

Happy Friday!


Firefly said...

Oo! I got invited! :) I had to laugh at your comment about inviting only six of your third grade friends. My mother made me invite all of the girls in my class and it was a sleepover. We had sleeping bags spread out all over our dining room and living room. I think Becky Kemp was still talking when I finally drifted off.

I'd love to chat with you at night. I'm a horrible night owl. I tried to add you as a friend in Yahoo!
Messenger, but I don't know if it went through.

Donna-Jean said...

Oh my, you brought tears to my ears :-)

My only regret over a very special Ambleside time in Dallas last summer was that you weren't there. But we spoke of you often, it was as though you were with us.

I'm honored to be included in your list. Wow - you really blessed me by this...

Jessica of Trivium Academy said...

The whole Fabulous Friends Friday is actually five fabulous friends friday but I shortened it. I didn't want to do a meme but I want to share with others some wonderful blogs I've come across (including yours) in my web travels.

Thanks for the link!

Javamom said...

Awwww! Mama Squirrel, I miss those chats with you and the other AO moms.
I feel very blessed to be invited...
Thanks for thinking of the booksncoffehaus blog :-).

I hope my page is loading better, now! I had some trouble last month in IE, but it worked fine in Mozilla. It seems to be working fine in both browsers now.

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