Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Equuschick has a challenge

Spell Equuschick without looking.

No, that's not it. She says, "Surveys, surveys, all over the internet. Who makes them, and why, and why can't The Equuschick, she wanted to know. She could not discover why, and therefore she decided she would entertain herself with such an activity.

"Ergo, she gives you- The Equuschick's Alphabet Survey."

Her answers are here.

And here are Mama Squirrel's.

*A- Favourite Animals: (The biases of the survey's author are showing.) Well...squirrels, if they're not in the house.
*B- Favourite Bad Habit: I'm still not telling.
*C- Favourite Cookie: Any kind with chocolate in them.
*D- Favourite Drink: Herbal tea with Mr. Fixit while we're watching movies in the evenings. (And you thought I was going to say coffee?)
*E-Favourite Egg Style: Baked in cookies with chocolate in them.
*F- Five Favourite Fiction Books: Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, Saint Maybe, Great Expectations, The Moffats, Peter Rabbit
*G-Favourite Gadget: Our new radio?
*H- Favourite Hymn: "Day by Day" (NOT the song from Godspell)
*I- Favourite Ice Cream- Raspberry ripple.
*J- Favourite Jam: The plum jam my grandma made.
*K-Favourite Kid's Books: What, I couldn't include Peter Rabbit with Five Favourite Fiction Books? Pinocchio, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Look Through My Window.
*L-Favourite Love Song- "Eew. The Equuschick can't believe she even put such a smarmy question in here." Well, Mama Squirrel would put down something by Neil Young or Roy Orbison, since those were the tapes Mr. Fixit used to play in the buggy's Cordoba's tape player when we were courtin'.
*M-Favourite Memories: Holiday times.

Is half the alphabet enough for now?

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Anonymous said...

Mine's up and there's even a "y"! :)

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