Friday, November 10, 2006

Fabulous Friday Friends--Coast to Coast

Little School by the Skeena belongs to Laura in British Columbia, a mom of four who is also an Honorable Chat Matron on the Canadian Homeschooler's Board. This is a lady who believes in gingerbread at bedtime and also knows how to really appreciate her Hunny. (The DHM has also been posting on that topic, if you missed it.)

And My Little Corner is the blog home of Jen in New Brunswick, also a regular on the Homeschooler's Board. From Jen's profile:
"I'm a born-again, saved by grace, homeschooling mom of 5. I like to talk. Plain and simple. I will talk to telemarketers long enough that THEY hang up on me, I talk to the checkout lady at the grocery store, I talk to the cat. I also talk to my kids and husband, but they tend to tune me out. So, now I am talking to anyone who will read my ramblings. I suspect, though, I will be mainly talking to myself."
So go visit Jen so she doesn't have to talk to herself.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

Thank you for the plug! I do like to talk...

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