Friday, November 17, 2006

Fabulous Friday Friends

Our fabulous Friday friends in the U.S. are getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Meredith at Like Merchant Ships has one of the prettiest and most practical blogs that I know of for tightwad decorating, shopping and cooking. When she talks about organizing her pantry, she's brave enough to post a photo. She knows how to clean old Little Tykes toys. Even the top of her refrigerator looks nice. Meredith is also the originator of Scrap Cookies, which we've made several times and which get eaten up fast. And she has a very cute baby. (Friends introduce each other to friends, and Meredith's blog today introduces Janel, who shares her passion for frugal decorating tips.)

Kathryn Judson's blog, Suitable for Mixed Company, is a little different. She says, "Around here we discuss books, history, current events, home life, and other things. Politely. The idea is to share information and ideas, and help each other out a little when we can." I get home ideas from Meredith (and some of my other favourite blogs); I get ideas about stuff that's going on outside the mom-world from Kathryn.

Finally, Kim Anderson's blog Mother-Lode. She's been a winner of the Best Homeschool Mom blog award, and she's a member of the Keepers of the Home blog ring (the Treehouse is also a member--the button is at the bottom of the page). Lately she's been posting about Time Memorials, What Time is It? and Keeping Time. Make some time to go visit Kim, and tell her I sent you.

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