Friday, December 01, 2006

Fabulous Friday Friends, Freezing Rain Edition

Who is the Queen of Carrots (not to be confused with Queen Shenaynay)? She is "a midwestern suburban housewife bent on ideological world conquest--once the dishes are done." She is an all-grown-up homeschooler with some babes of her own. Quote from the Queen: "I like space and time and rhythm in my day: a time to be hungry and a time to be full, a time to work and a time to play, a time to think and a time to be entertained."

Here comes Athena in her minivan (careful, the roads aren't good today). She came up as a mini-skirted "Boxer Puppy" on a personality quiz, and believes she has run into The Borg while shopping. Athena could use a little cheerful company: "Because I really don't feel like dealing with reality right now, nor do I feel like reading how wonderful everyone else's Thanksgiving was when mine was well on a scale of 1-10 gets a 1.5, nor do I feel like reading someone's opinion about how horrible homeschoolers are. I need to count my blessings right now and I am off to do that as I kiss all three sleeping little blessings and one big blessing named Honey."

Firefly is going to tell you thirteen interesting things about herself and thirteen things she's thankful for. I'm thankful for Firefly and all the Friday friends!

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Firefly said...

I'm thankful I keep making your list. *chuckle* It's nice to know that someone out there is actually reading my blog and not just passing through looking for information on 'bioluminescence'. I think you just like me for the squirrel I put at the top of most of my autumn posts. I am thinking about changing my Thursday Thirteen image to something with a squirrel in it, so keep an eye out! God bless you!

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