Monday, December 11, 2006

For Uncle Eric fans

The Apprentice and I are reading our third "Uncle Eric" book by Richard Maybury. Over the past three school years we've covered Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? (an intro to economics), Whatever Happened to Justice, and this year we're doing Are You Liberal? Conservative? or Confused?, about the political left, right and in-between and the role of government in general.

Today's paper carried this story about the Native community of Old Crow in the Yukon territory, a place where self-government is actually working, young people are graduating from high school (even though they have to go south to Whitehorse to study), and there hasn't even been a suicide for ten years. What's going on there? Those who know Uncle Eric's views on the value of small local governing bodies (and the problems associated with alcohol prohibition) will appreciate this. (I don't know how long this link will work, since it's a current newspaper story.)

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Birdie said...

We love Uncle Eric! Thanks for the interesting article.

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