Thursday, January 18, 2007

Corny but cute

We picked up an easy-reader book by Robert Quackenbush called Sherlock Chick's First Case, about a little chick that hatches wearing a deerstalker's cap and holding a magnifying glass (of course). It turns out there's a whole series of these: Sherlock Chick and the Peekaboo Mystery, Sherlock Chick and the Giant Egg Mystery, Sherlock Chick and the Noisy Shed Mystery, and Sherlock Chick and the Case of the Night Noises. They aren't new (the first one was published in 1986), but our two local libraries don't have any of them, so I guess that's why I'd never heard of them until now. Obviously Sherlock Chick solves only chick-sized cases, so we aren't dealing with anything violent or bloody here (the first case is about some missing corn). But you'd have to be pretty hard-hearted not to like the little guy.

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Margaret in VA said...

We had several of those when my oldest was little (born in '85). Sherlock Chick was a favorite, along with Quackenbushe's "Henry".
We also like Frank Asch's books. Hope you find them.

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