Saturday, January 20, 2007

The funniest thing I heard this week

Also the scariest.

The topic of the phone-in show was censorship but it had sidled off into talking about video games. One middle-aged guy phoned in and said something like this:

"My son was showing me the games on his system, and I'd been trying out this racing game--you know, the typical thing with a lot of cars crashing up. I actually thought it was a lot of fun. Then the next day I was out in the car, and somebody got in my way. Just for a second, I had this insane urge to drive up on the sidewalk to get around him.

"And I'd only played that game for about an hour..."

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Sherri said...

Haha...I have to comment here because it reminds me of something that happened with my sister and her 3 year old son. He is very active, but will sit still to play his video games..a lot. Well, one day they were riding in the car and somehow it looked like my sister was going to run into a mailbox..maybe she was swerving to miss something else. Anyway, her three year old son said, "Jump, mama, jump!" Hahahaha!!!! Too many video games indeed!

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