Monday, February 05, 2007


A delightful quote from the Miss Read book that Coffeemamma lent me:

'And while we're at it,' continued Mr Willet loudly, brushing aside this interruption, 'what's become of them copies of the hymn-books done in atomic-sulphur?'

Mr Annett looked bewildered, as well he might.

'You know the ones, green covers they had, with the music and atomic-sulphur written just above. I'm used to 'em. We was all taught atomic-sulphur years ago at the village school, when schooling WAS schooling, I may say--and all us folks my age gets on best with it!'

'I believe they are in a box in the vestry,' said Mr Annett, pulling himself together, 'and of course you can use the copies with tonic solfa if you prefer them. They'd become rather shabby, that's why the vicar put them on one side.'

Mr Willet, having had his say, was now prepared to be mollified, and grunted accordingly. -- Village School, by Miss Read


queen shenaynay said...

oh! that's good!

atomic sulphur... hahaha!

Mother Auma said...


I think I will have to remember that.

coffeemamma said...

Now you see why I found those books so delightful!

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