Friday, February 09, 2007

Blogs I'm noticing

In a Spacious Place, Willa's blog. Some amazing posts about Charlotte Mason, homeschooling plans, and homeschooling special-needs children.

Ms. A's Living Without Money (found through Like Merchant Ships) Like Meredith's blog, this one is detailed, full of pictures, and makes you feel like you too might be able to manage some of this frugal stuff.

Folded Gingham: another one of these lots-of-photos, vintage, thrift-shopping blogs that I could browse in for a lot longer. I really like those Valentine pins too.

No...must...resist...I don't wear aprons...I am not a crafty person...don't have a rotary cutter, don't rubber-stamp, don't slice up old books...must...hold out...weakening...

1 comment:

Tim's Mom said...

Some of the crafts I see are so cute, so clever - and, although I'm not crafty, they start to look appealing. But then I remember that the finished craft has to go somewhere in my small, overcrowded house, and I usually reconsider.

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