Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CMers, don't miss this

Javamom has a great post about what Charlotte Mason education is about--AND she includes some photos from a 1930's Parent's Review magazine (with ads). I have a bound volume of the 1903 Parent's Reviews, and they didn't have any graphics or ads like that at all back then! PR had really changed its look 30 years later--and yes, those little tidbits are fascinating. Like looking at WWII ladies' magazines--the ads are the best part ("cheer up our soldiers by wearing our brightest shade of lipstick!").

(Thanks to Mother Auma who pointed me in Javamom's direction today.)

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Javamom said...

Thanks for visiting! Stop by anytime.
Have you had a chance to see Miss Potter, yet??

I only wish it had been longer.

Ciao for now!

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