Friday, February 02, 2007

My nominees

I have a problem choosing blog posts for the Hidden Treasures contest--and not just because I know so many excellent bloggers! The problem is that most of my favourite blogs could be nominated in almost any category; and some of these posts could also fit into more than one slot. I know some great homemakers who also post about faith; I know great moms whose posts are full of humor. So I tried to pick a different blog for each category and I only wish there were more (categories, not blogs). If you especially like these posts, please consider nominating them as well (see the link in the sidebar).

Children and Family: Coffeemamma shares Breathtakingly wonder-filled news. (January 2006)

Faith: Athena thinks about what she'd like to be like when she's old. Short and to the point! (October 2006)

Marriage: The Deputy Headmistress reminds us of the importance of saying I Love You--in many ways. (November 2006)

Motherhood: Melissa remembers her daughter's battle with leukemia and considers all of her "amazing treasures." "They are miracles, all of them. Especially that golden girl beaming at her little brother as she lifts the spoon to his laughing mouth." (Here in the Bonny Glen, January 2005)

Homemaking: Krakovianka attempts to reconstruct Danuta's Walnut Cake. (May 2006)

Humor: The Beehive prepares for Hurricane Rita. (September 2005)

Life: Donna-Jean's The Gifts of Christmas (Liberty and Lily, December 2006)


Krakovianka said...

I thank you sincerely for the nomination (I almost made that cake again this weekend). The almost absurdity of my being nominated for anything in the homemaking category makes me smile every time I think of it (like while picking up pistachio shells and bread crusts from the living room rug).

Melissa Wiley said...

Thanks so much for the nomination! I am honored.

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