Thursday, March 08, 2007

OK, like I'm back already?

Boy, put up one little gone-fishing notice and even the Googlers and spammers stay away in droves. This is the first day in who-knows-when that we have had absolutely zero Treehouse visitors. Nobody looking for Cuisenaire rods, squirrel dumplings, kiffle, or chocolate tofu. [Or is it just something wrong with the site meter? Not sure, but I think it's the stats and not just the lack of company.]

I was hoping to be able to come back and say happy things about the possible Treehouse move this year, but so far everything's still snarled in paperwork. I'll keep you posted if it ever gets unsnarled. (What's wrong with wanting to read all the fine print and have the right documents (as in, from the right decade?) there before you sign anything?)

I was hoping to come back and have something brilliant to post about homeschooling or frugality or chocolate, but so far nothing to say except that I'm working on workshop notes AND next year's school AND last year's Plutarch studies.

I was hoping to come back and say that the snow had started to melt, but it hasn't.

I did find a granola bar recipe that holds together...and we did watch a very funny Columbo episode with William Shatner...and we got to watch the younger Squirrelings' last dance class of the session last night. I've also been brushing up on everything I ever used to know about French verbs (the Apprentice is taking French this semester and needs to catch up on grammar).


coffeemamma said...

Well, I for one am glad you're back ;-) Keep us updated on the moving-the-treehouse thing!

Birdie said...

Welcome back!

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