Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time for a carnival

The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Why Homeschool--I'm glad I got my post in on time!

Among all the rest of the worthwhile reading, take a look at diary of 1's post "Condoleezza, What About Germany?", especially the comments. Is anyone out there listening?

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Jennifer in OR said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I wrote again today about Germany, as the situation gets worse every day. I also wonder, is anyone out there listening? I know there are many wonderful, dedicated people and organizations working on the Busekros case in particular, and I'm so thankful for that, because it can be very "helpless" feeling across the ocean. Despite knowing that some people are working hard on the issue, it is still crazy to me that it's mostly some little known groups scrambling to do what they can. This should be headline news! Well, I should add that it is headline news at CBN (but not CNN, ABC, NBC...) Why aren't we all hearing this on the evening news? Many of my homeschooling friends aren't even aware of this horror.

I'm glad I'm wandered over here, I'm enjoying your site!

Jennifer, diaryof1.com

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