Friday, April 06, 2007

A belated April Fool

(Don't read this one if you're easily offended.)

Mr. Fixit spent his boyhood and adolescence listening to classic rock music. So along with their Charlotte Mason classical composers, the Squirrelings have also been exposed to various 20th-century bands that Mr. Fixit feels they should know about.

In the paper this week (must have been April 1st) was a picture of Keith Richards and a story about certain shocking things he had done. Mr. Fixit showed the picture to Ponytails so she could see what a "really old rock star" looked like, although he didn't read her the article.

Yesterday he was looking at the paper and there was an explanation of that story: it was an April Fool's joke (at least that's what the paper said then; now they're not sure--oh who really cares?). Ponytails overheard Mr. Fixit telling me that the story about Keith Richards was bogus, just an April Fool thing. (Punchline coming--wait for it...)

Ponytails: "It was just a joke?"

Mr. Fixit: "Yes."

Ponytails: "You mean he doesn't really look like that???"


Birdie said...

Too funny! I bet he WISHES he didn't look like that, though! ;)

coffeemamma said...


(The laughing kind of snort.)

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