Thursday, April 12, 2007

Check out my avatar

You want one too, Coffeemamma--you know you do!

Yes, that really is our backyard.

I changed the picture a couple of days ago but it took that long for it to show up. (I think maybe somebody had to approve it.)


coffeemamma said...

How did you get your own picture on there???

Mama Squirrel said...

This should have been so easy to explain...last time I signed in on my avatar and clicked on Backgrounds, there was a "Photo" option. It was easy--you just upload a photo, your person is superimposed on it, and you can play around with it a bit--moving "yourself" around in the picture etc. Then it's saved to your favourites, and when somebody out there approves it, it appears on your avatar. You can have up to three photos saved.

However: the Photo button isn't there now!

I know I didn't dream this up. There I am in front of our maple tree. And if you ask for "help," there's some information on Photo Backgrounds--everything except how to get there.

Which I don't know!

Maybe the button will reappear.

Anybody else know?

Firefly said...

I went to the message boards and it sounds like they took the button down, but nobody knows why. I'm jealous! I could have really had fun with that! I could have put myself in the middle of a flower or next to a bumble bee or on my daughter's nose... Oh,the possibilities are endless. I guess I should say "were" endless. *chuckling*

coffeemamma said...

My guess would be that someone was abusing the option- uploading inappropriate photos? That's usually what happens...

Mama Squirrel said...

Yeah, that could be.

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