Friday, June 15, 2007

Chemically analyze this

Cindy wants to know what foods you secretly/ashamedly/sneakily eat or crave. (Hat tip to Cap'n DHM Crunch.) You know, the stuff that's no good for you. Maybe what you add in at the convenience store while you're in there alone paying for the gas.

These days, especially on message boards where I otherwise fit in just fine, I often feel like a bit of a pariah for eating "regular grocery store food." Never mind the Jos. Louis or pork rinds or Cocoa Puffs or other things that I can't be bothered buying; it's the plain fact of drinking instant coffee (sorry DHM), eating high-sodium sausage (barbecued over charcoal), buying non-organic frozen veggies, and baking with white sugar that raises eyebrows these days. I don't recommend it, but I still do it.

That's not an invitation for anyone to comment at length and tell me why those things are bad for our bodies. I have a copy of Nourishing Traditions sitting on my desk, and I've read a lot of other nutrition books (most of which seem to contradict Nourishing Traditions). I used to subscribe to Vegetarian Times. We used to buy a lot more things from the health food store and from a co-op. We grow a few of our own runty little vegetables out back (the soil here isn't great but we don't want to add a lot of artificial fertilizer) and we buy what we can from the farmstand during the months that it's open. When we can manage "healthier," we do it. (Brown rice.) When we can't, we just eat what we have. (Frozen pizza.)

We do avoid an awful lot of what passes for food in the supermarket, you know, aside from the frozen pizza. A lot of those things that people admit they crave are things that we honestly never buy. Honey-Nut Cheerios are about as junky a cereal as we get; we don't slug pop all day (we usually share a couple of cans); we don't buy a lot of things in individual little packs, because most of us are home for lunch. An occasional bag of fudge cookies, maybe, although usually (when it's not too hot to bake), we prefer our cookies homemade.

Homemade with chocolate chips...oatmeal...sunflower seeds. And probably white sugar.

You have a problem with that?

('ve read this far, so I will admit to an occasional pack of M&M's while I'm waiting at the bus station.)


Shawna said...

LOL I like organic, but can only afford so much and I too have a garden, doing fairly well. But hey, with kids around there is processed and junk foods as well--it's in the food chain these days and what can I say!

I do have a soda pop a day--nasty addiction! Trying to kick it, but just can't seem to do it; but no, I do not buy it and stock my home. I make myself get up and go to the store to get one measely 12 oz can or 20 oz bottle (still doesn't deter me LOL)

And yes I bake with white flour, although lately I have been substituting some of it with whole wheat--so far so good.

So you are not alone, fret no more LOL

Birdie said...

I'm a diabetic with a serious sugar allergy so my confessions probably don't amount to much. I will admit to the occasional sugar-free Jello pudding, however! ;)

Sarah said...

I SO love this post! I think I probably shop exactly like you do. We don't eat horribly. I am well aware of the benefits of watercress and whole wheat flour. I grew up in a home where we had only fresh from the garden and orchard veggies and fruits. I know how good it gets. BUT...I digress. Here is the most horrifying thing I can think of that I eat, just a few of, every month or two when it's my husband's snack choice of the evening: chips and queso. By queso, I mean: velveeta (yes, I said VELVEETA) and rotel melted together in the MICROWAVE. It's hard to get worse than that...except perhaps saltines and cheese whiz.

Birdy V said...

Chocolate bars and Ju-jubes.

But as far as the rest goes, I'd say our cupboards probably look the same.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

HAAAAAAAAA! You are too funny. I have recently gotten on the whole foods/organic bandwagon as much as I can afford to do it. However, this week was a bad budget week so we bought, gasp.....regular milk, not the organic stuff that costs $7 a gallon (YIKES). I actually used to make fun of people like me who would pay that kind of money for MILK. :)

And yesterday I made bread with white flour and it was SO SO SO SO SO good. Wheat might be better for you, but it just doesn't compare to that white-flour goodness.

Sue said...

Cadbury's fruit and nut chocolate bars, and Haagen Daaz strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Sigh.

I don't like junk food, or anything greasy or deep-fried, or processed meat with nitrites or any of the normally bad stuff. I squeeze fresh fruit juice, make pure fruit smoothies, use wholewheat flour and brown rice and lots of veggies (mostly raw), and love them all.

But I can't just eat a couple of squares of Fruit and nut or a single spoon of strawberry cheesecake ice cream....

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