Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dewey come home?

Most creative/offbeat/just plain strange Google search that ended at the Treehouse this week: "milk carton missing squirrel ideas."

Now lost kids on milk cartons I understand, but lost squirrels? "Identifying marks: chewed tail, fondness for acorns and taco chips..."

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Queen of Carrots said...

In my former employment, I was assisted in my labors of spreading the good word about liberty and natural law by a rubber chicken. And in the machinations of inter-office politics, that chicken was stolen.

Later in the week, a missing-persons carton turned up asking for information about the chicken. It was on an orange juice carton, because that is where you put notices about missing chickens. Perhaps it applies to squirrels as well.

I did eventually find my chicken and wreak my revenge thousands of miles away with the incognito assistance of a certain duke, with whom I later teamed up on a permanent basis.

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