Friday, June 15, 2007

Unexpected Chow Mein

How did this beef and green bean stir fry become a vegetarian chow mein platter (without any green beans)?


Mr. Fixit was barbecuing some honey-garlic sausage last night, and I wanted something easy to go with it that would use up what was in the fridge (getting close to grocery day). We had a bit of broccoli, a small cauliflower, a foam tray full of sliced mushrooms, and a red pepper; I thought I could just leave out the meat and do our usual sauce with the vegetables I had. So far so good--except when I took the jar of hoisin sauce out of the fridge--pee-yoo, foul. We did have a bottle of teriyaki sauce...

So this is what I did. (Look at the beef recipe first to make sense out of this.)

I grated the ginger, chopped the garlic, and started them sauteeing with a bit of salt. I cut up half the cauliflower, the broccoli and the pepper, and added them with the mushrooms and a bit of water; put the lid on and steamed them until tender-crisp.

The sauce was made out of half a cup of beef bouillon, a good sloosh of teriyaki sauce, and a tablespoonful of cornstarch, stirred together and added as soon as the vegetables were done--cooked just until thick and clear. Oh, and I also threw in some cashews, because we had a can on the counter and I thought it needed some dressing up.

We also had what was left of a bag of chow mein noodles (you know, the kind you can't stop eating while you're waiting for your Chinese food). As Harold on Red Green says--la la la? (26-second video clip of Harold) I spread the noodles on a platter and topped them with the vegetable mixture. It was very good with the sausage and a bit of reheated brown rice on the side.

And that's how to make beefless, green beanless, hoisinless beef-green bean-hoisin sauce stir fry.


Birdy V said...

This made me giggle. I don't know how many times I've printed off a recipe from the net and decided to try this new taste.

Only to find that when I've gotten it to the table, that my substitutions and exchanges have resulted in the same ol' taste :)

Necessity plays cook in my house too!

Kaber said...

sounds like a good recipe!

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