Thursday, August 23, 2007

How do homeschoolers do that?

It's definitely that time of year. All around the blogworld, people are posting schedules, plans, pictures of their planners. Some of them make me wish I was one of their kids.

A few posts I've noticed:

Ann at Holy Experience shares her Planning Days--and a day planned out with Ann does (seriously) sound like a Holy Experience. Also some talk about the book Authentic Parenting.

Tim's Mom, a very veteran Amblesider (I didn't say venerable), posts book lists for senior year of high school, ninth grade, and more.

I think Coffeemamma is going to need a large double-double to get through her to-do list, but I hope she gets everything crossed off soon so we can go waste time shopping have some Mother Culture.

Cindy is asking for some feedback in Teaching the Taught.

The Headgirl returns to college. And Fa goes off for the first time...

1 comment:

Donna-Jean said...

"makes me wish I was one of their kids."

You and me both! (if I was or were, I guess I wouldn't write 'you and me' now would I? or would I??)

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