Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All over the blog world

The Deputy Headmistress is cleaning out the fridge.

Donna-Jean has a wonderful post about her family's trip to Washington, D.C.--and about the connection between a trip to the apple orchard and a trip to the capital.

Found through the Carnival of Homeschooling: The Not Quite Crunchy Parent wonders "Why do my kid and kids like him know more than many kids of comparable age? Why are there perfectly average kids who can discuss literature and history and science and very bright kids who can only discuss Transformers or Disney princesses or Dora The Explorer… or National Sports teams or video games or, gulp, My Space?" This post has a lot of food for thought, especially after reading Donna-Jean's post.

Meredith muses on what she didn't buy at the thrift shop.

Coffeemamma has been blogging her heart out about apples--several posts over there.

Melissa enjoys kisses from her three-year-old.

And the Queen of Carrots decides that being an art critic can be risky.


Sebastian said...

What a fun collection of posts. I enjoyed reading them.

Donna-Jean said...

Thanks for the mention, Mama Squirrel. I enjoyed reading the other blogs!