Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh no, you do not want to see THAT photo

Sprittibee has a message for you if you're thinking of submitting something to the Carnival of Homeschooling for Oct. 30. That's not the next one, obviously; but she wants you to know about this early enough that you can dig out your high school yearbook and send her a picture.

She's not joking.

From her post:
"Of course, I won't turn you away without a yearbook photo... of course. But we want as many people as possible to pop out those yearbooks and scan a photo! I don't want your kids' co-op yearbook photos. No, mam.I want a picture of YOU, blogging mom. One of those old 70's mug shots with you and your feathered bangs and pearl-snap fastened disco shirt with 4-inch triangular collar flaps. Or maybe you were an 80's girl and you have a yearbook photo with you in an Izod with Twist-A-Beads, blue mascara, a banana clip and your "Madonna" big hoop earrings. Bonus points if you have one with a ponytail on the side of your head! Who needs a costume when you can see the REAL THANG, baby....If you want to send the photos ahead of time so I can start working on the post format, I would really appreciate it. You can email them to me at longhorn. bee @ gmail .com (lose the spaces) any time between now and the deadline for submissions for the October 30th carnival! Or you can just wait until after the submissions for that carnival begin (Monday night after 7pm on the 22nd) and send them WITH your submissions to the carnival's email at Don't send ME your submissions for the carnival until after the 22nd... but you can send the photos now at my personal email."
Got it? No submissions yet; but if you're brave enough, you can start sending in your photos.

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jennifer in OR said...

I'm not sure I'm that brave! My big hair, braces, and who know what clothing...

But of course I want to see everyone maybe it's not fair if I withhold?

Thanks for the heads-up on this!

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