Monday, October 22, 2007

This week in the Treehouse homeschool

This is our planned schoolwork for this week; it's a week for working and getting things done. Things aren't exactly in the order we're doing them--this is just a checkoff list.

(We got everything done for Monday--yay!)

Daily: Bible (Crayons and I read from the Golden Children's Bible; Ponytails has a list of readings from the Gospels), math lessons/Calculadder (Ponytails is almost finished the Fractions unit, Crayons continues with Miquon Math); Copywork, spelling words (for Ponytails), and Ponytails’ reading (Poor Richard or Rainbow Book of Nature) alternating with School Zone workbook (review of basics)

Daily work
A Child's Geography: continuing with Israel--we read about agriculture in the Negev
Organized Kidz--we finished Chapter 3
5 Little Peppers--we read "Phronsie"
Drawing Lesson: Balls
FRENCH--we reviewed last week's story about a hamster
Ponytails: Padraic Colum's Golden Fleece (we read about the Harpies)
Crayons: 50 Famous Stories Retold: Diogenes; poems from A Child's Garden of Verses; Felicia and the Pot of Pinks (from the Blue Fairy Book)

Daily work
Geography: continue with Israel
Organized Kidz--start Time Management
Miss Bianca (Margery Sharp)
Composer: Glenn Gould: Bach’s Italian Concerto (we are watching the 1959 NFB film On The Record)
Ponytails: Robinson Crusoe (audio book and following in the print version)
Crayons: Fables: Bundle of Sticks; poems; Our Island Story

Daily work
Science kit / David Suzuki Senses book
5 Little Peppers
Picture study: Robert Harris, Fathers of Confederation

Ponytails: Canadian History: Overview of the War of Independence (yes, this is in the Canadian history book); assigned writing activity
Crayons: 50 Stories: Regulus; poems; Among the Pond People

Daily work
Miss Bianca
Nature Study
Ponytails: Robinson Crusoe
Crayons: Fables: Oxen and the Wheels; poem; Paddle-to-the-Sea

Daily work
Organized Kidz
5 Little Peppers
Shakespeare story: The Tempest
Music skills
Ponytails: catch up / assigned writing
Crayons: 50 Stories: Cornelia’s Jewels; Just-So Stories (Armadilloes) (We are way ahead of the AO Year 1 schedule with this book, and the same with Paddle-to-the-Sea; but we are going slower on some other books, so it evens out.)

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JacciM said...

Hi, Mama Squirrel :) I didn't realize that you have a first grader until tonight. It's fun to read about some of the same stories we're reading here. SweetP is doing a "modified" AO Year One -meaning most of the books are AO, but I've added a few in and taken a few out as well as adjusted the schedule a bit. But, it's still interesting to see what y'all are doing :) We're in week 5. Blessings!

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