Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What we ate on Thanksgiving

Chicken Fajitas, served with salad, strawberry sundaes, and lots of thanks.
Well, it wasn't exactly traditional, but we'd had a family Oktoberfest dinner the night before and we were kind of big-mealed out. So we're saving the stuffing-bread and the can of cranberry sauce for next Sunday's dinner with Grandpa Squirrel.
And Mr. Fixit took a picture of his creation-in-process just because it smelled so good and looked so nice in the pan.


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I'd rather have chicken fajitas than turkey anyday! :) (and I'm sorely assuming turkey is the thing to eat on a Canadian thanksgiving???)

SongBirdy said...

This looks good! :)

We didn't have Turkey either. DH prepared a roast beef for us. We had a gathering with his family on Sunday and had salad and pork or chicken pull buns.

Both were delicious. But its getting to the point that I think its been years since we've actually had turkey for a big meal!

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