Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Games and stuff with Melissa

Links! More links! Wander over to Here in the Bonny Glen if you have enough time to kill browsing the online games and more. Certain squirrels in this Treehouse admit a mild addiction to Eight Letters in Search of a Word; our record (and patience limit) is about level 20, how about you?


Heather said...

I've gotten up to about level 30 or so, but haven't played for a few days - it's too easy to sit and play for an hour or more.

Melissa Wiley said...

I was fit to bust when I made it to level 31. Wicked, wicked time-sucking game. ;)

Krakovianka said...

I adore Eight Letters in Search of a Word, and play a few times a week (usually while eating lunch or when I should be going to bed!). But I usually play the multi-player version, and sometimes I even win. I haven't played the single-player version in a long time, and that's partly because it does take longer. The multi-player version just takes about 15 minutes to finish a game (10 rounds, 1 minute each).

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