Sunday, December 09, 2007

How very nice

I could send this on to every single person in our sidebar and then some--it amazes me how many truly Nice bloggers there are out there. ("I guess they're all pretty nice."--Santa Claus is Coming to Town)
Here are a few who I'd love to tell they're "nice":

Marsha at the Abarbablog
Mom to Cherubs at Adventures on Beck's Bounty
Queen Shenaynay at Beehive 5
Becky at Farm School
Gena at Food = Love
Donna-Jean at Liberty and Lily (your posts always warm me up)


JacciM said...

Congratulations on being nice, Mama Squirrel :)

JacciM said...

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that SweetP (almost 7) absolutely *loves* the Rainbow Book of Nature. Thanks for the great suggestion :)

Becky said...

Congratulations, Mama S., and thanks!

I was just coming over from Willa's to read more about Kitbashing, which I suppose is the one word name for my "take what works and leave the rest" theory of hs'ing (and parenting, and life...)!

Since I'm also a proponent of "gut homeschooling" (and pareting, and life...), I guess that makes our method Kitbashing Gut Homeschooling. Sounds tasty, no?!

Thanks again :)

Donna-Jean said...

Mama S., you are nice, encouraging, helpful, and caring. And did I mention nice? :-)

Thanks for linking to my blog. Always glad to warm people up :-)

Tim's Mom said...

What a lovely idea, and thanks for including me!

MomToCherubs said...

Awww .... how sweet. Thank you very much for this.

God Bless.

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