Monday, December 24, 2007


I have a perpetual flip-the-day calendar* in my bedroom, but I sometimes forget to change the date on it. While looking for a pencil to write down the long list of things I think I have to do today, I noticed that I hadn't changed the calendar since December 3rd. And this is what it said for that date:

"Our object in life should not be so much to get through a great deal of work, as to give perfect satisfaction to Him for whom we are doing the work.--Aitken"

Brought up short again!

*The calendar is "Bless Your Heart" and it's copyright Heartland Samplers, Inc., 1994. I got it at a rummage sale earlier in the year.

P.S. Ann at Holy Experience posted a quote today that touched on the same thing--part of it says, ""The intensity and strain that many of us bring to Christmas must suggest to some onlookers that, on the whole, Christians do not seem to have gotten the point of it."

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Birdie said...

Those really are good quotes and great reminders.

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