Thursday, December 20, 2007

Want to help us decorate?

I am not a visual person. My "design principles" sense is not the greatest. I am the person that the Messies lady wrote about, who could look at a stray sock sitting somewhere and think it was part of the decor. The most exciting thing I do with my Christmas wrapping is get the tape on straight and (this year) add a crocheted ornament.

So when I rearranged the Treehouse mantelpiece, I had visions of...I don't know, something with a little more oomph than this. I was trying to decorate with books, and you can only stack those so high before things get dangerous. The dolls seem a bit lost, if you know what I mean. Those red and white jugs have been temporarily replaced with two ceramic Christmas trees about the same size, but otherwise this is the way things look right now. Any ideas for where things should be bigger, taller or otherwise added to or rearranged, for the holidays or in general?

P.S. If you want to know why the love seat is facing AWAY from the fireplace, the only good reason is that if it goes the other way around, then you can't see the people sitting on the couch, or the TV, or anything else that's going on the rest of the room. We've never figured out just how to handle that problem.


Sarah said...

You need something big and tall with color--like 2 poinsettias, or a couple of vases of greenery. Put the taller items on the outside and then the candlesticks. Cluster your smaller things inside. Add some more greenery (just go cut some off a bush in your yard)laying flat. Try the books vertically or use them as a platform to put some of your items. More variation in height is a good thing!

Ang in OKC said...

Sarah has already mentioned most of what I would have said. Give your eye the chance to wander over your arrangement (by going up and back down again) instead of as if reading a book (horizontal/straight across). 2 or 3 books the size of Comstock's nature study might stack better and place the candlestick and chicken on each of 2 stacks. Prop the older books up vertically against the stacks and use the jars or trees to hold them in place. Maybe cluster the dolls around the clock. The main thing is to just work with it until YOU are happy with it.
Ang in OKC

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you both for your suggestions! Allergies make fresh green things not a good idea for us, but I'll see if we can substitute something similar.

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