Friday, March 28, 2008

Pasta Casserole

I made a ground-chicken skillet in an attempt to incorporate rice pasta (Glutino Brown Rice Fusilli). I followed the package directions for the fusilli (LOTS of water, check it carefully, rinse with cold water and add a bit of oil to the cooked pasta to keep it from sticking) and chilled it while I improvised a Typical Treehouse Skillet Meal: ground chicken, green peppers, mushrooms, half a can of hot-and-spicy spaghetti sauce. When the skillet mixture was done, I added as much of the pasta as I thought we'd eat (not the whole package), and let it heat through. We ate quite a bit of it, thought it was good, but did have leftovers.

And there I learned my most important lesson about how rice pasta differs from wheat: the reheated leftovers had the texture of mush.

So next time I'll know.

But isn't lasagna always better the second time around?

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Marsha said...

We eat mostly gluten-free at our house - Katelyn & I are intolerant. The President's Choice (Zehrs) rice pasta is just as good as glutino & about $1 cheaper. You can actually boil the rice pasta for about 1 minute, put the top on the pot & leave it for 20 minutes ... it will be cooked. Rice past is very starchy & thus rinsing helps. It doesn't necessarily go mushy when cold - but I'm not sure what the right conditions are for it to NOT go mushy. Perhaps Glutino could tell you?

There is a LOT of controversy about oat flour & its gluten content. We can't tolerate it.

This is an excellent gluten-free brownie recipe that we make with frightening regularity. You can sub some applesauce, etc. for 1/2 the butter.

I was recently visiting with a mom who has two kids with severe autism. She showed me this book & I thought it was excellent. (Autistic kids often do better with a gluten-free & milk free diet).

A lot of people like Bette Hagman's books too.

Making these changes & doing a lot of experimenting is exhausting at first. But it becomes "old hat" after awhile.

The Glutino Lemon wafer cookies are also delicious ... though I think they probably have zero nutrition! I find the Mi-del cookies dry & the texture very much reminds you that you can't have gluten! We also eat peanut butter cookies

This is a chocolate torte to DIE for (orange liquer is optional)

This is another recipe we enjoy for corn flake squares.

I have worked with rice flour but find the texture unappealing - like sawdust.

I hope this is helpful. I just got started & have ended up leaving a very long comment.

Mama Squirrel said...

I don't mind long comments at all--thanks for all the links!

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