Sunday, May 25, 2008

Best thing I read this weekend: "How we waste food"

Junked Food, Toronto Star, May 25/08

And this is the part I liked best: the sidebar "Setting a Smarter Table." (Not to say that there isn't out-of-the-house food waste, like supermarkets dumping stuff, but this is the part that hits us--uh--where we live.)


• We buy food too infrequently, and often too much of it.
• We buy food impulsively or when we're hungry.
• We buy food that doesn't fit our lifestyle.
• We put too much food on our trays or plates.
• We leave too many scraps on our plates.
• We refuse to eat things such as bread crusts.
• We don't plan meals before we buy the food.
• We lack confidence in the kitchen to make meals out of what's available.

Been guilty of all of them from time to time, but we're working on it.

That makes me want to plan out this week's meals a bit better--so I may have something for Menu Plan Monday after all.


Jacqueline said...

I'm guilty of it all except for leaving too many scraps on my plate. I don't leave enough scraps on my plate. That's why I'm as big as I am. :) Your post definitely has me thinking, though, about taking a closer look at the food we waste.

Tim's Mom said...

I'm guilty of buying food that I SHOULD eat, but then not being in the mood to rinse and cut lettuce. So the lettuce goes bad in the fridge. Not so often anymore now that I make green smoothies.

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