Monday, May 19, 2008


Another weekend, another couple of hundred gone at the grocery store plus more at the health food store. It's not that our spending habits have gone so awry (although we have been putting out more money on natural foods), but that prices in general, as predicted, are taking our $160ish usual trip and adding another fifty bucks to it, somewhere along the line.

Some random prices from a recent grocery receipt:

3 lb. Granny Smith apples 4.49
3 lb. carrots 1.79
1.12 kg (2 1/2 lb) bananas 1.46
4 L 2% milk (just over 4 qt) 4.69
Store-brand ww bread 1.79 (I've heard worse)
Tub margarine 2.77
Bag of potato chips 2.29 plus tax
Heinz ketchup, 1 L 2.97 (minus a coupon)
Small jar of honey 3.37
White flour, 5 lb bag 4.47
WW flour, 5 lb bag 5.47

If you're wondering about the chips, Mr. Fixit figured out awhile back that salt-and-vinegar chips reduce night time leg cramps. So better 2.29 for chips than lots more for medication.

But anyway, you see how things are adding up. We are going to have to pull out all our frugal stops in the next while--forego the Granny Smiths for something fresh and local, make some hard choices about what kind of margarine to buy (or go for more expensive butter and reduce our consumption of it), and in general just Not Put So Much In The Cart. (This is slightly complicated by the fact that we all (usually) shop together and Mr. Fixit and I take care of different areas: I get vegetables, he gets fruit; I get canned things, he gets the meat; and so on.)

As Peg Bracken used to say--If you want to save money, start running out of things.

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Birdie said...

The way prices are rising, I'm beginning to dread grocery shopping these days. Baking, however, I am enjoying just fine. ;)

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