Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tim's Mom's Meme (A Visit to our House)

Tim's Mom blogs at Bona Vita Rusticanda Est, and she tagged us for a meme she created.

She writes:
"People who visit us get a taste of who we are, what we're into, and what we're like. I notice that my kids tend to show new visitors the same computer things they like, or play music for them that they love that our guests have probably never heard, and offer the same snacks.Since there are lots of people I know via the internet who may never get the chance to visit us, I thought I'd offer a virtual glimpse of a visit to our house."

I don't think I can put together such a cohesive answer as she did, though; it would depend on which Squirrel we're talking about, and the weather, and all that. But I'll try...

If you came to our house--You would see: Chalk artwork on the patio and the driveway. Two A.J. Casson prints (here's one of them, here's the other). Mr. Fixit has some other interesting vintage stuff around, but I'm leery of posting details in case any burglars want to make a Visit to our House.

We'd probably feed you: Barbecued burgers or maybe German sausage on a bun with sauerkraut. Or we usually have some cookies or muffins around...or chips...

And offer you this to drink: Depends what we have! If you're one of Mr. Fixit's friends, he might have thought ahead and gotten some beers. Otherwise, we might have some pop...or some juice...or you could try some Choclatey Chai tea.

We'd undoubtedly ask if you'd read: Hmmm, Tim's Mom, it doesn't always go that way here...I've scared some people off by asking if they've read this or that book. More often people see our bookshelves downstairs and notice something on the shelf (or all over the coffee table), and we start talking books from there. Or not, as the case may be. Crayons' answer is "Have you read Don't Count Your Chicks?" [by the D'Aulaires], or she might ask you how many Oz books you've read.

We'd want to play this music for you: Mr. Fixit might play some Sheryl Crow, Neil Diamond, Dave Brubeck, or something loud enough to scare non-rock fans out to the back yard. Mama Squirrel might put on Judy Garland's Carnegie Hall concert or Mark O'Connor's The American Seasons. Ponytails might play you her Bob and Larry Sing the '70's CD if you asked her nicely.

We'd want to tell you the latest about: --hmm, I'm not sure about that! Depends on how long it's been since we've seen you.

We'd probably suggest a game of: backyard baseball, or ping pong in the garage. The Apprentice has been known to bring out the Pop-o-matic Trouble. Crayons might suggest Don't Wake Daddy.

We might show off: pictures of Mama Squirrel's Only Nephew, who we think is the Cutest Baby In Existence. Our Little Tim, Eleanor Farjeon and Church Mice picture book collections.

We might get on the computer and show you: our blog. Eight Letters in Search of a Word. Something funny on You-Tube.

If it was a long enough visit, we might watch: Ponytails doing magic tricks. A Three Stooges video, or an Emergency episode, or one of the Muppet movies.

I know I'll think of much better answers to this later on, but I have to go and figure out what we're having for dinner.

Oh--and if I have to tag some other bloggers?
How about Aimee, Sebastian, Miss Maggie, Birdy, and Birdie?


Tim's Mom said...

"Ponytails might play you her Bob and Larry Sing the '70's CD if you asked her nicely."

I'd love to hear it!

Is the Emergency the series from the 70's about the 911 guys? That was our favorite show when it was on TV.

Mama Squirrel said...

Yes--we found some episodes on video. "Rampart, this is Squad 51..."

songbirdy said...

hey, hey, hey! I did it! :D I think we're going to have to come over to you're place because it sounds like a lot of fun :)

athenainaminivan said...

Johnny and Roy were my first crushes back in the day, I even had action figures of them I got for Christmas. Randy Mantooth is so cute!!

Birdie said...

Okay, I did it! Thanks for the tag.

Sebastian said...

Too funny. I love watching Emergency with dh (former volunteer firefighter), fil (current fire chief) and bil (current and young firefighter). It was like an EMS version of Mystery Science Theatre. "Here comes the D5W."
My kids were asking, "What's that big red box." FIL looks over and says, "That's the cell phone."

Krakovianka said...

You play 8 letters in search of a word still? Me too! I don't usually show it to anyone, though.

I'm also smugly pleased to recall that I really was fortunate enough to make a visit to your house!

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