Sunday, June 29, 2008

Too rainy for much yardsaling

Yesterday morning was so gloomy that most of the yard sales disappeared. But we did score something cool: a cardboard box with about fifteen pairs of knitting needles, a set of interchangeable circular needles (The Apprentice says the Denise system), a couple of embroidery hoops, four latchhooks, and some sharp pointy things whose use we haven't figured out.

For a quarter!

(Ponytails also found something she liked. And Crayons found a Barbie.)


Beckie said...

AWESOME knitting needle score!

Birdie said...

Great finds! Garage saling was not good here this weekend. Of course, we didn't exactly try hard. We were kind of enjoying having a family weekend.:)

About Us said...

What an awesome treasure .... handicrafts a la CM for a long time to come ... and for $.25 too. WOW !!

Happy Knitting !

JenIG said...

Hello, I hope you don't find this comment too overly odd... but I could not find an email link to reach you. : ) I am a fellow homeschooling blogger and also a Rosetta Stone language rep -- I am in search of a "Canadian" blogger to host an upcoming contest. Would you mind emailing me at Jeneferig @ ?

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